Solar Panel Info

The solar panel project is complete. We are now generating a majority of the electricity we use on campus. The two links below provide real time electricity usage as well as electricity production. These sites can be manipulated to provide information by different increments from minutes to years. 

A Day at Hallsburg

  • 7:00 – 7:55 Students arrive
  • Students greeted by name at door
  • Students eat breakfast
  • Mileage Club*
  • 6th Graders responsible for putting up school flags
  • 6th Graders responsible for taking out the breakfast trash
  • Student volunteers clean breakfast tables
  • 8:00 Announcements – 3rd thru 6th Graders rotate doing the morning announcements. **Mr. Reynolds’ Superkid is drawn and comes to office for gift and picture.
  • Every class has P.E. and Music (6th Grade band) everyday for 45-50 minutes
  • 11:10 – 12:15 Lunch – students go to recess after being dismissed from lunch
  • 6th Graders responsible for taking out lunch trash
  • 6th Graders take down the flag at the end of the day
  • 3:30 – Car riders are dismissed – Bus riders have tutorial time or recess
  • 3:50 – Buses leave
  • After-School Program begins
    • Snack time
    • Tutorial/Homework completion
    • Computer Activities
    • Supervised indoor games or outside recess
    • 5:45 Program closes


*Mileage Club – Every morning students walk/run on the Hallsburg track (weather permitting). Students keep a record of laps on the 1/5 mile track, receiving a toe-token for every completed mileage card (5 miles). Many students reach the 50 Mile Club with a few reaching the 100 Mile Club by the end of the school year.

**SuperKid – Every student will be drawn before the end of the year. When the student’s name is drawn they come to the office, receive a gift, have their picture made with Mr. Reynolds for the SuperKid wall, and then have Mr. Reynolds eat with them at lunch.